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8 Spatial Davao places you in the best position to discover the best things life has to offer

The 8 Spatial’s location in Maa Road, Maa, Davao City is just a few meters from MC Arthur Highway which puts you in the position to access any destination with ease. It has at least six educational institutions within a five kilometer radius which includes the University of Mindanao which is only 0.7 kilometers away, Agro Industrial Foundation College which is only 2.6 kilometers away, John Paul II College at 2.8 kilometers, Ateneo de Davao University at 3.9 kilometers, Philippine Women’s College at 1.5 kilometers, and Precious International School only 4 kilometers away. This gives residents a wide array of choices for schools and universities without worrying about traveling long distances every day.

It is also near hospitals such as Alexian Brothers Health and Wellness Center being only 2 kilometers away, Davao Doctors Hospital only 2.5 kilometers away, and Brokenshire Hospital only 3.5 kilometers away. This ensures you that any medical emergency can be taken care of fast. This means that residents will not have to worry about medical appointments as hospitals are easily accessible from the 8 Spatial.

The 8 Spatial is also near malls which make shopping and groceries accessible for residents. The NCCC Mall is only 0.08 kilometers away which makes it a very short stroll away. Likewise S&R Membership Shopping is only 0.6 kilometers away, and SM City Davao is only 3.2 kilometers away making shopping a matter of convenience for 8 Spatial residents.

Government offices are also accessible from 8 Spatial making transactions likewise as easy as stretching out towards them. You can easily visit Davao City Hall which is only 3.2 kilometers away. Perhaps you can see the local government in action and see what makes Davao one of the safest cities in the world. Furthermore, the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) is only 2.3 kilometers away making potential transactions accessible for residents. The Civil Service Commission is only 3.2 kilometers away which makes it convenient for appointments.

You can also have a taste of Davao’s fresh produce which earns it the title “Fruit Basket of the Philippines” with the Fruit Market within 6 kilometers from 8 Spatial. Moreover other marketplaces are within reach with Citra Mina Seafood Market and Bangkerohan Public Market both under two kilometers away. This makes access to locally sourced produce easy for 8 Spatial residents providing the opportunity to score fresh bargains for the early birds.

The 8 Spatial is also accessible to public transport. The Mindanao AUV Public Transport Terminal 1.2 kilometers away, and Davao City Overland Transport Terminal 2.6 kilometers away can cater to the needs of the mobile life. You would no longer worry about missing trips when transport terminals are near enough for easy access and far enough to keep you away from the busy hustle.

You can also easily visit parks for recreation with Blue Paradise Park only 3.8 kilometers away as well as Le Jardin de Villa Abrille which is only a short drive of 4.45 kilometers. For those who heed the call of the green, you can also practice a few strokes at the Davao Golf Club 2.4 kilometers away; just keep out of the bunkers as you spend fine days strolling with the fresh breeze under the sun. It is also within 5 kilometers of the Peoples Park where you can jog around the park even late at night.

Places of worship are also accessible from the location. The Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague is only 3.7 kilometers away, and St. Paul Church in Juana Subdivision is only 0.9 kilometers away.


  • Alexian Brothers Health and Wellness Center – 2km
  • Davao Doctors Hospital – 2.5 km
  • Brokenshire Hospital – 3.5 km


  • University of Mindanao - .7 km
  • Agro Industrial Foundation College – 2.6 km
  • John Paul II College – 2.8 km
  • Ateneo de Davao University – 3.9 km
  • Philippine Women's College – 1.5 km
  • Precious International School – 4 km


  • Shrine of the Holy Infant Jesus of Prague – 3.7 km


  • NCCC Mall - .08 km
  • SM City – 3.2 km
  • S&R Membership shopping – 0.6 km

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