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The 8 Spatial boasts its open lawn spaces and courtyards as well as its well-appointed amenity areas. Every day is a chance to unwind with the family in 8 Spatial’s common spaces. The 148 square meter Clubhouse serves as a respite from the sun as you spend time in the 501 square meter wide swimming pool. A picnic area 399 square meters wide beside the pool provides ample space that allows you to enjoy the green grass and the ambient sounds of the pool. The pool is lined with wood textured decks which compliments both the pool and the grass areas tying together the space. Social gatherings can be easily held by residents in the Clubhouse complex which is conveniently located at the center of the development.

It also has a basketball court surrounded by hedges is located across the Clubhouse. Floor treatment leading to the basketball court allows the grass to grow through the tiles in an aesthetically pleasing pattern that blends the space to the grass that surrounds it. A playground where you can bond with you kids sit beside the basketball court. A wide open lawn on the flanks the other side of the basketball court where trees provide shade where residents can take a leisurely stroll in the middle of a green space. Activity areas with wood panel floors are located at the back of the grass lawn and the playground which provides ample space for residents’ activities as well as resting areas for parents looking after the kids playing. The basketball court and playground’s location in the middle of the development offers the residents convenient access to recreational space to bond and unwind with friends and family.

However residents need only to walk out of their building as each building features a courtyard. The courtyard is a refreshing welcome to your new home as it greets you with trees lining the street and a path flanked by trimmed grass leads you to your building.

Parking space is not a problem in 8 Spatial. Parking areas line the front of the buildings, with ample space at the far end of the development offering safe parking. Safety is expressed by the front gate leading to the development with guards posted 24/7. Guards also roam the development keeping unwanted elements out and your family safe and secured. The lots on both sides of the front gate are designated as commercial spaces leaving the possibilities open for future development.

  • Swimming pool
  • Basketball court
  • Play lots and lawns
  • Courtyards
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